Flight Launch.

Cloud HPC environments on-demand.

Want to take a Flight cluster for a spin? Let us know and we'll dispatch you a cluster trial token.

Fancy a test Flight?

Flight Launch rocket

Apply for your Flight Launch token below. You'll receive an email containing your token and some simple-to-follow instructions. In three simple steps your cluster will be up and running:

  1. Visit our Flight Launch service and select the cluster specification you've asked to try.
  2. Enter your trial token code and email address and optionally give your cluster a name.
  3. Launch!

To keep you informed, you'll receive an email letting you know that your cluster is in the process of being launched and, after a few minutes, a further email providing you with the details you need to log in and get started!

Flight Launch rocket

Apply for your token.

To apply, simply provide us with your contact details, tell us which field of science or engineering you work in and the type of workload you want to run, and we'll get in touch with a code that, in minutes, will get you up, up and away with a time-limited Flight HPC cluster suitable for your interest and workload.

For most trial workloads we recommend a standard cluster (7.5 GiB, 4 CPUs), but for those with additional requirements we can also arrange for access to a performance cluster (240 GiB, 144 CPUs) or GPU cluster (976 GiB, 64 CPUs, 16 GPUs) trial.

Please let us know what field of science or engineering you primarily work in.
Please provide a sentence or two about your proposed use of the cluster.